What is YEI?

The website – You’ve Earned It – a guide to discounts and benefits for boomers, seniors and retirees, affectionately known as YEI, launched on 23 September 2011.   

YEI is striving to become the brand synonymous with this age group, and to this end, offers the following:

  • Interesting and informative articles geared at the over-50s;
  • An electronic directory in the Discounts and Benefits section, where boomers, seniors and retirees can access discounts and benefits which are specific to their age group or available to the full YEI membership.  YEI members can peruse the diversity and choice of the various products and services on offer in this section.   One of YEI’s main aims is to put cash back into seniors’ pockets, as they’ve earned it!
  • A meeting place and online forum for boomers, seniors and retirees  YEI members can communicate with like-minded people and share stories and experiences.  We encourage our YEI members to come and comment on the articles and advertisements.  We invite you to voice your opinion on topical issues, vent about issues that you may be dealing with and post your news, views, opinions and stories in the Readers Posts section.
  • A free monthly e-Newsletter, which highlights articles of interest, features competitions and ticket give-aways and lots more!   You may subscribe to our e-Newsletter via the link on the right-hand side of the home-page.

The book You’ve Earned It!

YEI has a history! The book “You’ve Earned It! A guide to discounts and benefits for the over-fifties” was launched in June 2008 – at the Cape Town Book Fair.  The publishers were Double Storey, a division of Juta’s.   The purpose of “You’ve Earned It!”   (YEI) was to provide information on benefits and discounts to South African seniors.   A review in one of the in-flight magazines at that time described YEI as a good book to have in those tough economic times.   The book is no longer in circulation, and has made way for the YEI website, which enables all information to be kept up-to-date and current.

The YEI ethos

The YEI ethos is such that we would like to be seen as a company who values and nurtures boomers, seniors and retirees.  YEI hopes to make a difference in the lives of the over-50s.  This sector has worked hard all of their lives, and now it’s time to give them something back.  YEI believes that our advertisers also share this ethos and value.  To this end, YEI has created a place where boomers, seniors and retirees can benefit from all their years of giving, and also provides an environment where its members can read about issues and topics that are relevant to their daily lives, which will enable them to prepare for their “third” life.

Research on boomers, seniors and retirees

Baby boomers, seniors and retirees make up a vast percentage of the population in this country. According to Stats SA, the population estimate of those aged 50+ in South Africa in 2011 numbered close on 6.7  million.   More than 5 million South Africans in their 50’s and early 60’s will reach retirement age in the next few years.  Approximately 1.7 million South Africans in their 60’s and early 70’s have already passed the retirement age of 65.  The senior citizen market is the fastest growing age demographic in the world, the most affluent consumer group that exists and represents a sizable portion of the consuming public.

The sheer numbers of the mature market, plus our spending habits and lifestyle have a powerful influence on the economy.  Recent research on the previously neglected ageing consumer confirms that companies who evolve their products to meet the needs of the mature market will reap the benefits for years to come.  Companies who ignore the dramatically changing demographics are likely to miss a significant opportunity.  We believe that businesses are beginning to believe in the size, value, needs and potential influence of the senior market.  This very concept is alive and well in other countries, and it’s time we joined their ranks.

Who’s who at YEI?

Marilyn Hallett is passionate about the holistic subject of retirement.  Since researching and writing the book “You’ve Earned ItA guide to discounts and benefits for the over fifties”, she has been continuously and deeply entrenched in the content and research of this website which focuses on all matters of interest to this age group.  She has also given talks at retirement seminars.  Over her 37 years career in business, she is a keen writer and her skills include recruitment, advertising, market research and research.  Marilyn manages the YEI business, writes many of the articles and deals with the advertising side of the business.

Gary Hendrickse, CEO of Sherpa, is focussed on developing and implementing the business and brand of YEI.  He gives advice and guidance on many aspects of the business.  Gary and his creative team, Elsa, Amelia and Jeandre are the brains and technical support at the very heart of the YEI website.

Come and join us!

So baby boomers, seniors, pre-retirees, retirees, pensioners – this is your site!  Come and join us in our online community of the over-50s, and together, let’s make the YEI website an exciting, interesting and informative environment.  We trust that YEI  will assist in playing a role in your life as a South African boomer, senior or retiree.

So go on and enjoy it – You’ve Earned It!

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