Issue 29: September 2013





Happy 2nd Birthday, YEI !! On the 23rd September 2013, YEI celebrates its second birthday! It’s been a rollercoaster ride! Although we still have a long way to go, we are happy with what we have achieved in two years. But most importantly, we cannot do it without you. Our heartfelt thanks go to the YEI members, and our wonderful advertisers who believe in the YEI vision of supporting the over-55s. Onward and upward!

In keeping with birthday celebrations, we are running a super-awesome competition!! Have you had a trip to Ireland on your bucket list for some time now? Well, Tourism Ireland, one of our new advertisers is offering YOU the chance to win the trip of a lifetime to Ireland! It doesn’t get any better than that! Click here to enter the competition – maybe it’s your turn to have the luck of the Irish! To find out more about travelling in Ireland click here.

And there’s more! How about a lovely 2-night stay in the picturesque village of Greyton? Or chance your luck on winning tickets to the Retirement Expo at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg, and for all the birders out there – an opportunity to win a copy of Doug Newman’s latest bird call book.

Good reads abound! Nedbank looks at - Ssssshhh... let’s not talk about it – no clues here - you’ll just have to go and find out! Personal Trust believes in “Never putting all your eggs in one basket” and looks at the importance of offshore diversification, and the Retirement Expo looks at planning for and in your retirement.

If you are one of the 94% of South Africans who are not ready or not able to retire, GetSmarter’s article on Recharge your career is a must-read. GetSmarter’s online, part-time courses are perfect for those who wish to upskill to start a new business and for those who wish to supplement their income, AND YEI members are being offered an excellent discount!

On the subject of growth, we are given some brilliant Spring hints and tips as to how one can save in the gardening space.

Baby Boomers love to travel. Take a trip to the YEI Travel page where you will find lots of great offers. Click on the banners and find out where this trip takes you! Just to give you a sneak preview – if you are in the over-63 bracket, you can enjoy a whopping 50% discount at two stunning South African resorts and to get there, consider using Hertz who offer the 55-plussers exclusive rates.

On the health side, September is Heart Awareness Month – click here to find out how you can take advantage of a free heart health screening. Our Health and Wellness page provides you with lots of valuable information, for example, how to beat the blues in post-retirement depression.

YEI was at the Evergreen Health and Vitality Day at the Sports Science Institute on Thursday 22 August and soaked up all the valuable interesting information. An excellent event - click here to see some of the pictures.

Don’t forget to look at our regular, popular and unique service – Your Finance questions – answered. The Finance experts will respond to your finance queries – online – and at no cost! And to view the latest book reviews, click here.

YEI is all about discounts, savings and great offers. Click here to view the latest news, special offers, useful information and event details from YEI Advertisers.

Another bumper edition from YEI! Until next time…

Kind regards,
Marilyn and the YEI Team


Ssssshhh… let’s not talk about it



We can talk about the birds and the bees with our grand-children, about the state of the economy with our children, but find it hard to discuss estate planning with our spouse.


Recharge your career



Being retired doesn’t mean that you’ve been banned from the working world. Have you ever considered using your newly found free time to start a business or develop skills that will supplement your monthly income.


The importance of offshore diversification



"Never put all your eggs in one basket". This well-known proverb should be applied when it comes to the construction of investment portfolios.


Seniors Club special offer at Southern Sun Resorts



It’s time to reward yourself! If you are over the age of 63, enjoy a 50% discount at these beautiful Tsogo Sun Resort hotels located in prime destinations around the country.


Jump into Ireland – a true bucket-list destination



Discover the magic of Ireland! Always at the ready with a smile and a tale to spin, the people of Ireland will charm you with the warmth of their welcome and their unrivalled wit. Enjoy a holiday filled with craic (good fun) and adventure.


Retiring comfortably – it’s what you do with your savings that counts



Although many South Africans save far too little to accommodate their ultimate retirement needs, a large proportion of the shortfall on retirement relates not to inadequate savings only, but to inadequate planning.


Post-retirement depression – beat the blues



It is not just for the love of work that Barry, a sexagenarian, puts his nose to the grindstone four days a week. He also believes that keeping busy in a matter of life and death.


Cost-effective and practical tips for the spring gardener



This month heralds the “official” end of winter with the Spring Equinox on Sunday, 22 September. A must-read article packed full of waterwise hints and tips that won’t cost a fortune but will keep your garden green and glorious.


WIN: the trip of a lifetime to Northern Ireland



Tourism Ireland, one of our new advertisers is offering YOU the chance to win the trip of a lifetime to Ireland! It doesn’t get any better than that! Hurry now to enter this awesome competition which closes at the end of September 2013.


WIN: 2-night stay – Bluebells, Greyton (Western Cape)



This lovely 2-night stay at Bluebells in the picturesque town of Greyton is up for grabs. What a lovely prize for a lucky winner!


WIN: 500 Common Bird Calls in Southern Africa



Would you like to win a copy of 500 Common Bird Calls in Southern Africa by Doug Newman? This concise and handy guide includes a CD which gives the best-known and distinctive song or call of each species.


WIN: tickets to the Retirement Expo 2013 (Johannesburg)



The Retirement Expo is on its way! YEI has ten double tickets up for grabs! Irrespective of age, if you are considering gearing down or are blissfully retired and looking for more fun options, this is your show. And do come and meet YEI at the Expo…

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